12 Stories from the Worn Archive, Worn Workshop, 2023, 14.8 x 21 cm, 42 pages, PB
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12 Stories From the Worn Archive is a publication about clothing and storytelling curated by Worn Workshop from contributions to the Worn Archive: an ongoing collection of stories about people’s relationships with their clothes.

Collected through Worn’s programme of interactive workshops, interviews and projects to date, each story tells of different clothing experiences through text and images as documented and visualised by Worn.

Together, as a collection, these stories share how people’s clothes are physically, emotionally and socially experienced through everyday acts of wear, as they become worn over time.

The first publication from Worn Workshop, 12 Stories from the Worn Archive brings together biographical and conversational stories of clothing to showcase how the ordinary garments within all of our wardrobes can become repositories for extraordinary personal experiences with universal resonance.

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