Vol. 4: Tools for Emancipation, Woman Cave Collective, Independently Published, 2024, 136 pages, PB , ISBN: 9782958508821
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The Woman Journal is an intersectional feminist journal which explores a new theme with each issue. The editorial work is prepared upstream by a series of experiments, prototypes and workshops that enable us to formalize through the material, the more theoretical theme explored in the printed space of the journal. In this way, the editors and contributors practice of space and design is environmentally conscious, with a feminist approach that takes an interest in material cycles, often working with reused materials, and in slower, gentler, artisanal modes of production that create links and share the know-how we hold dear. The jourtnal draws inspiration from DIY and craft practices, struggle movements and related spaces (knitting, woodworking, carpentry, patchwork, poster-making, occupying public spaces), and takes to heart the need to work with kindness, listening and joy.

Woman Journal Vol 4: 
How can we change things when our efforts seem to be stifled under a violent neoliberal regime? The editors felt it was important to look for other tools and draw inspiration from the experiences of different people who could open up our field of action. In this second instalment of the theme of Vol.3, Boîte à Outils, Vol.4 looks at Outils D'Émancipation.

Editor(s): Woman Cave Collective

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