Still Life, Hole & Corner, 2020, 22 x 29 cm, 132 pages, HB, ISBN: 9781838336301
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‘The truth is, I’ve been travelling all year. Around my home.

To my kettle at least seven times a day. Around my sofa picking up children’s bricks and doll-sized tableware. Watching moonrise out of the bathroom window.’
-Jessica Brinton’s introduction to the Hole & Corner book, Still Life

 When we stayed home, which documents the lives of 54 of our contributors during the three months of lockdown in spring 2020, highlights the ordinary moments of an extraordinary year. The spring lockdown was particularly felt by the crafters, makers, photographers and writers, whose usual creative lives were put on hold, their work confined to their homes and their hour-long daily walks. For many, it was a moment to pause and reflect, to focus on a personal project, learn something new, or to reimagine old ideas. Our senses seemed heightened by the impact of the pandemic, the relentlessness of the daily numbers of hospitalisations and death tolls, the anxiety we felt for our families and friends around the world.
 When Hole & Corner founder and creative director Sam Walton put out the call to the magazine’s creatives to submit work, there were no rules or restrictions, just a desire to collect work that represented their everyday lives in this unique moment in time.  

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