Tim Gutt & Shona Heath, WE WENT AND WE WERE, 2017, 48.5 x 32 cm, 48 pages, HB, 9781907908460
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Hide and seek is a funny game: be too lazy and you are discovered too fast and the lack of challenge sends all players in boredom. If you are too good, nobody ever finds you but when you come out of the cave you realise that everybody kept on living and they forgot about you. Artists suffer the same conundrum, one wants to be hidden but searched for, interrogated.

In this instance, Tim Gutt and Shona Heath gathered a bunch of friends and strangers in a secret location for a slumber party. No drugs or alcohol except the exhilarating motivation that something must happen when the social rules of collective gatherings are uncertain. Some cameras were present and this publication gives us the necessary clues for wanting more.

I, for one would have wanted to be there from the book I am left with. A big book that perhaps hint at the childishness of the event?
Next time I'll answer the call if they invite me — Charlotte York

Andrew Denny, Conrad Bruce, Charlie McKay, Chris Melgram, David Bennet, Ester Keate, Francesca O’brien, Giédre Jankauskaité, Hannah Boulter, Izaak Adams, Jaya Rathbone, Jebediah Shorten, Jess Murphy, Jordan Britton, Julia Campbell-Gillies, Kajsa Ståhl, Lily Cordelia, Sarah Bunter Casting, Stephen Hardman, Tim Gutt, Tiffany Johnson, Tanya Gervasi, Shona Heath, Simran Nijjar, Violet Gould

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