Supplement 5: Mr. Peanut Summit, Fillip, 2019, 14 × 21 cm, 24 pages, PB , ISBN: 9781927354360
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The Mr. Peanut Summit documents a conversation between Anna Banana, Michael Morris, and Vincent Trasov on publishing, performance, and networked artistic practices moderated and introduced by curator and art historian Zanna Gilbert. Drawn from a 2017 event of the same name, Fillip’s Mr. Peanut Summit Supplement compliments a series of recent curatorial investigations into the work of Image Bank by KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, and The Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver.

A pseudo-corporate entity founded by Morris and Trasov (with Gary Lee-Nova) in 1970, Image Bank facilitated an international exchange network in which visual material functioned as currency. The conversation in the Mr. Peanut Summit draws on the overlapping biographical history of the artist participants, weaving the story of their practice together with those of their many collaborators and colleagues including John Mitchell, Gary Lee Nova (aka Art Rat), Ray Johnson, General Idea, Robert Fones (aka Can.D.Man), and others.

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