Landscapes, Sorry Press, 2024, 360 pages, PB, ISBN: 9783910265165
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This volume surveys Simon Denny's Metaverse Landscapes, his recent painting series that depict land plots in digital worlds. They unpack historical resonances between territory, abstraction and financialization – in a new kind of landscape painting.

Landscapes brings together detailed reproductions of the paintings, exhibition documentation from Kunstverein Hannover (Germany) and Frans Masereel Centrum (Belgium) and commentary by a number of prominent authors including Christina Barton, Adina Glickstein, Martin Herbert, Omar Kholeif and Fred Turner. 

"Even as they depict various kinds of digital real estate in naturalistic detail, Denny’s paintings revel in the ways that digital technologies dissolve the material world into bits and bytes." Fred Turner 

"It’s almost as if the virtual is coming to attack me somehow or coming to inform me that I am not paying attention." Omar Kholeif

"Denny exploits the tension between material objects and abstract signs, actual and depicted spaces, imagined worlds and real places, to show us the illusion, the promise, the dream, and then to bring it down to earth, render it crude and transient." Christina Barton 

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