The Cult of the Green Women, Rebecca Parkin, 2024, 18 x 25 cm, 52 pages, PB
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The ‘Cult of the Green Women’ investigates the mythology of the demonic feminine through a reworking of characters popularised in soft culture like the witch, Lilith and the femme fatale. Produced in the aesthetic of a highly coloured fanzine, the book brings together a selection of short creative essays with digital artwork in the style of B-movie posters, and photographs of my ‘Green Women’ pastel portraits. As the gaudier branches of our popular cultural heritage have long supplied a rich variety of verdantly tinted villains in the form of putrescent pixieshorrible hags, and strangely saturated space sirens; these wild, malicious, and socially non-conformist women are envisioned as true icons of feminism.
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