Period Issue 10: Daydream, 2024, 21 x 28 cm, 150 pages, PB
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“I spent most of my school years daydreaming and consequently didn’t pass many exams... haha....I daydreamed constantly about meeting the Thompson Twins. I daydreamed so intensely about this experience that in the end, the dream became reality and I met them and they kind of became friends (in as much as a bunch of thirty somethings could be friends with two teenage girls, me and my mate Tabbi). But I sometimes think it happened, it became real because I lived it so many times in my head.” Kate Monro (features editor)

 According to Cambridge Dictionary, Daydreaming means the activity of thinking about pleasant things that you would like to do or have happen to you, instead of thinking about what is happening now.

”The world at the moment feels a bit bonkers to be honest. It’s hard to know what one should focus on, and how to help change the perspective. Find a way to cope and help others. I feel lost. In times of uncertainty we tend to look for inspiration in the subconscious, in dreams and memories, focusing on inner worlds, feelings and imagination, instead of external reality.

When Daydreaming, I usually think about places I have been. I think about oceans and big open landscapes. Daydreaming equals freedom. Freedom to be, live and dream.” Lena Modigh (founder & editor in chief)

 In this issue of Period, the 10th issue, 13 female artists interpret the theme Daydream/Daydreaming through writing, photography and illustration. 146 pages. Limited edition. No advertising.


Angelica Elliott, Cecilia Carlstedt, Dina Oganova, Hanneke van Leeuwen, Kana Tanaka, Kristina Sigunsdotter, Laura Kampman, Lena Modigh, Lotta Antonsson, Marieke McKenna, Masha Demianova, Nina Andersson Voigt, Paola de Grenet.

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