Not Going it Alone: Collective Curatorial Curating, Paul O'Neill (Ed.), Apexart, 2024, 14 x21.5 cm, 133 pages, PB, ISBN: 9781946416605
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In recent years, collective approaches to curatorial practice have become prominent, and not for the first time. While the myth of the stand-alone curator has been largely dismantled in favor of recognizing the myriad other actors and agencies— from artists to installers, from gallery attendants to directors— and others who make their work possible, contemporary curatorial practices encompass far more than bringing simply more collaborators together. Through a collection of essays and experimental texts, Not Going It Alone: Collective Curatorial Curating offers readers a layered and contextual understanding of this phenomenon, its debates, and possibilities across a range of temporalities, positions, and geographical perspectives.
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