Lay Down & Get Lost, Nikola Pepera, Far West Press, 2024, 10 x 17.8 cm, 91 pages, PB, ISBN: 9798988735427
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Lay Down & Get Lost is a psychedelic collection of poems and illustrations. Take in the characters who smell of sage and sin. Join us among the chapparel, but be sure to unpack your mind and don your acid beret.

The Powder Rooms of Babylon smell of forbidden nag champa. Possessively Jealous Dwarves out to destroy me with black magik, Miss marmalade Birdie living with psychedelic prostitutes on the River Seine, wayward Hare Krishnas, tree moss smoking hippy girls, the ghost of David Crosby eating asparagus and Reincarnating into a cat who eats mustaches. Hemlock Champagne Toasts, Circus Freak Love Triangles, Marc Bolans Walnut Tree is where I need you to bury me , Monterey Pop Mothers in Seance Dresses, Red Unicorns kept as love slaves, & Charlie Chaplins secret addiction to Laced Lemonade. The Scent of No More Bad Juju Oil is on your neck. A Harlequins revenge dress is the it girl fashion. Let us taste the lips of psychomagik, they won’t forget to kiss you back. It’s 1968 and you’ve found my face In your turquoise lace diary.

A Witch named Lolita is stalking you. Her plastic red heart sunglasses melt in the Hollywood Smog. And now you see her eyes are hysterically Red from all that tree moss smoke. Come Lay With Me, In The Red Mushrooms On Charlie Chaplins Lawn At Patio Del Moro. Come Lay Down & Get Lost…………

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