Nida Abdullah, Chris Lee, Xinyi Li (Eds.), Through Witnessing Threading the critiquing, making, teaching of design, Set Margins' , ISBN 9789083350127
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This book names and wrestles with design and institutional design education’s pseudo-neutral relationship with colonial capitalist world orders and what it means to teach and design today. It slowly weaves together ideas on designing as a mechanism of maintenance and teaching against bureaucratic inertia
How does design give form to social fictions? How does design and the professionalization of design schooling maintain the priorities of nations and capital? 
Engaging in pedagogical expressions of rage, generosity, forgiveness, slowness, and chaos; contributions of lecture, essay and interview reflect on the weight of being, the possibilities and sometimes impossibilities towards un-doing and un-maintaining the enduring legacies of colonial powers.
240 pages

21.5 x 14 cm
ISBN: 9789083350127

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