Vintage Alpine Postcards, Max Leonard, Isola Press, 2022, 20 x 17 cm, 208 pages, HB, ISBN: 9781739126704
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Featuring almost a hundred years of dispatches from the Alps, VINTAGE ALPINE POSTCARDS celebrates Europe’s great mountain range. It takes us from men in bowler hats with stout ropes nonchalantly crawling over crevasses, through the gilded age of grand hotels and sleigh rides, to the modernist concrete infrastructure of mountaintop restaurants and cable-car stations.

These postcards frame the changing way we’ve experienced landscape and leisure over more than a hundred years – from the intrepid to the banal, sublime to ridiculous and brutalist to kitsch. And postcards travel through time as well as space, and they arrive with messages from our former selves. Underlying the Alpenkitsch is a serious exposé of our relationship to nature and how we have carelessly misused the beauties of the natural world.

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