A Visible Distance: Craft, Creativity, and the Business of Design, Matt Owens, Set Margins', 2024, 15.2 x 22.8 cm, 236 pages, PB, ISBN: 9789083404141
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This design guidebook speaks to students, educators, and seasoned professionals, as it provides tactical strategies & creative support to tackle the complexities of balancing intuition and taste, technical and personal capability, strategic business decisions in design work and the demands of modern brand building.

Part personal memoir and part professional manual by Matt Owens, A Visible Distance, Craft, Creativity, and the Business of Design is a reality check to challenges when building a practice in graphic design or branding. These lessons and learnings span the recent decades: from his roots in DIY, punk, and skateboarding in the later 80s, to the advent of the commercialization of the internet in the late 1990s, building and growing a creative agency, to the present disruption of artificial intelligence, automation, and distributed hybrid teams.

A Visible Distance is a testimony to learning new things and embracing fundamental changes in popular culture, tools, technologies, and processes to make your own way in design.

“In ‘A Visible Distance‘ Matt Owens masterfully decodes the complex interplay between design aesthetics and commercial success. This book is for anyone serious about making their mark in the design world without sacrificing creative integrity.”

– Elliott Earls — Artist-in-Residence and head of the Graduate Graphic Design, Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art.

“They don’t teach you a lot about business or how to start a company in design school, at least not at the public university that I went to. If I would have had Matt’s book when I decided to co-found a design office eight years ago my wandering neuroticism would have cooled down about 20 degrees and questions would have been answered by a source that’s proven their weight in gold. A Visible Distance gets to the point, by example, with real topics that design students and young professionals should be reading more of, instead of bookmarking Instagram portfolios and Tik Tok trends.” 

– Jesse Reed. Partner. Order

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