The Darkest Corners, Marlene A. Schenk and Lena Marie Emrich, Floating Opera Press, 2023, 14.8 x 23 cm, 68 pages, PB, ISBN: 9783982389479
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The Darkest Corners documents and explores sculptures by Lena Marie Emrich and an eponymous exhibition.

Emrich’s sculptures take inspiration from pissabraga or gobbe antibandito, architectural objects that dot Venice’s alleyways and corridors.

Texts by the curator of the exhibition, Marlene A. Schenk, as well as Mario Ciaramitaro and Alberto Restucci poetically and practically elucidate the concept of cohesion that is central to Emrich’s work. By exposing what is normally hidden or walked by, the sculptures and texts work together to address the wonder and mysteriousness of how a city sticks together.

Marlene A. Schenk is a curator and writer based in Berlin.

Lena Marie Emrich is a sculptor and multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin.
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