No.43: Studies for a Painted Home, Marie Jacotey, Hato Press, 2024, 14 x 20 cm, 16 pages, PB
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Marie Jacotey ‘collects’ patterns. The warp and weft of a textile, the tiling on a shopfront or a heavily decorated pot all feed her fascination, leading her from ornamental objects to friezes, façades and indoor frescoes. In Studies for a Painted Home, the artist pays close attention to these serendipitous occurrences of colour and form, inviting us to lose ourselves in intricate details that might otherwise be overlooked. In this zine, No. 43 in the series, she moves deftly between the macro and the micro of everyday life – switching from figurative drawings to a very, very close examination of a pleasing surface.

Marie Jacotey is an artist occupied with emotion, intimacy, colour, pattern and form. She makes works on paper, films, books and other assorted objects, paying close attention to the human experience in all its beauty and anguish. Her current projects include a book of fragmented narratives and an animated film. Not to mention, a new thread – one of hand-painted frescoes and other home furnishings. She lives and works in Marseille, France.

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