Jewellery Drawings, Lisa Walker, 2024, 17.3 x 23.5 cm, 128 pages, 9781907908828
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“How does she do it? Where do the ideas come from? I luckily own a piece of jewellery by Lisa Walker and I cannot understand how she got to making it. I hope to never be able to fully comprehend her and keep the bliss in which she sends me blindfolded. This book, however, is a hint on the process. Enough to love her works even more.”
— Charlotte York

Jewellery Drawings by Lisa Walker is exactly that: a selection of drawings that later became Jewellery. The insight into what is in progress, unfinished. The only visible hints between Lisa's brain and the works. The drawings are an exclamation of the thoughts, on a piece of A4, scrap or from the home printer. The biro, felt-tip pen or pencil, closest to the hand. The book will make you lean left and right to witness the unfinished.

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