I AM WRITING A MONOLOGUE, Jessica Higgins, TGIGIFFY, 2024, 13.5 x 21 cm, 24 pages, PB
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And you, over there in the trojan horse have a few things to say in defence of preparation, and words like “rehearsal”, “becoming”, “contingency” and “arrival”, but you’re biding your time, for now.

I AM WRITING A MONOLOGUE is a performance about a fictional monologue and the voice that delivers it. As the monologue tries to convince the people in the room that they are future versions of themselves, the voice grapples with the structural politics of the performance itself, oscillating between the art of persuasion and the craft of vulnerability. Combining spoken word performance and sound collage, the piece snakes through the imagined spaces of living rooms, kitchens, buffet foods, the bucket of a window cleaner, the confines of the “well regarded institution” and the symbolic passenger seat of a car.

raspberry raspberry is a series of pamphlets publishing performance texts and texts on performance by artists working at—and with—the intersections of sound, music and the voice.

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