Emeryville Cool Fun Booklet, Jessalyn Aaland, Current Editions, 2023, 15.25 x 22.86 cm, 40 pages, PB
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In 2020, a colorful single-page publication appeared on telephone poles, bus shelters, and street lights throughout Emeryville, California. Each issue focused on a hot topic from the area’s history: from train derailments to trans pioneers. From goats to squats. Even the fruit canning industry! Emeryville Cool Fun Facts shed light on the complexities of this small town tucked between Berkeley, Oakland, and the San Francisco Bay.

The text and images from all ten issues are collected together in this publication. Photos of Emeryville Cool Fun Facts installed around Emeryville are also included (thanks to the author's documentational foresight!). There's even a full-color centerfold reproducing each issue in their full colorful glory! PLEASE TAKE A LOOK!

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