Can you feel it? Effectuating Tactility and Print in the Contemporary, Freek Lomme (Ed.), Set Margins', 2022, 10 x 15 cm, 192 pages, PB, ISBN: 9789083270609
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Hands reaching and feeling, noses sniffing, eyes scrolling: the magic at book shops and at book fairs is also very much a tactile one. But what exactly is the tactile, in a world in which a rising technocracy exploits the designed environment we feel? Who authorizes and who writes, what tradition do we stand in and how can we touch base?

This reader explores how our interaction with printed matter affects us through theory, thoughts, and practices in the field of graphic design, materiality, philosophy, science and art. Although the core of this book rests upon theory and thoughts, with eight writings from scientists and philosophers to a paper-specialist and art writers, this book also compiles practice-based experiments by six international artists and includes animated introductions of printing techniques in the form of fictionalised characters.

Edited with introduction and afterword by Freek Lomme
Text by Lars Bang Larsen, Christopher Breu, Johanna Drucker, Alessandro Ludovico, Esther Krop, Rik Peters, Marieke Sonneveld.
Artists: Sema Bekirovic (NL), Matthieu Blanchard (FR), Lieven De Boeck(BE), Frederic Geurts (BE), Ulrike Mohr (DE),Thomas Rentmeister (DE).
Author of fictional interviews: Juliette Pepin

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