Fourteen Poems Issue 10, Fourteen Poems, 2022, 15 x 21 cm, 44 pages, PB, ISBN: 9781739169732
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Ten issues!?! Mind blowing. And we’re just as excited by this one as every single one before.

fourteen exciting poets. fourteen different stories. fourteen queer poems.

Our poems from this issue come from The Netherlands, Nigeria, Ireland, the USA, Egypt and, of course, our home right here in London.

These poems look at gender, love, longing, using a urinal for the first time and sex as self care, among other things. Love is a leather jacket, Beyoncé singing Crazy in Love, defining yourself, horror films, waking up spooning, or your kid dancing in a graveyard.

Here’s your fourteen poem titles.

I Want the Assertiveness of by Luke Worthy

Urinals in the Club by Jaime Lock

types of woman i could have been by P Hodges Adams

The Bath Salts by David McGovern

50 by Niven Govinden

Aubade by Michael McKimm

watching men walk from the library window, thinking about love by Jesse Ogbeide

The Hug by SK Grout

Michael Jacket by Nour Kamel

Portrait of My Lover as a Leather Jacket by Lara Mae Simpson

Dance on my Grave by Amy Acre

split/ting by JP Seabright

Baby’s Rosemary by Toby Buckley

Lucifer by Tom Bland

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