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Fourteen Poems

Fourteen Poems Issue 9

Fourteen Poems Issue 9

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14 poems.

14 contemporary poets.

14 queer stories.

This issue features critically acclaimed poets alongside emerging talent. We have poems about loss and unrequited love, poems about childhood and family connections, poems about masculinity, poems about dancing. Plus a guide on how to cope when Nicole Kidman doesn’t love you.

Celebrate these snapshots of multiple queer communities and experiences by buying a copy now at the link below.

Here’s your fourteen poems:


Immram by Seán Hewitt

What To Do When Nicole Kidman Doesn’t Love You by Holly Moberley

Chinese Beer (A Love Poem for Kitty Tsui) by Lady Red Ego

Fathoms by Sam Ross

Stanislavski’s Dog by Spencer Wood

Trace by Rupinder Kaur

Erin by Zara Meadows

Anxiety Disorder by AE Hines

Gabriel in The Pose of Pregnant Virgin by Jinhao Xie

Couples Therapy by Alice Frecknall

the [absence] of you by Dior J. Stephens

once again: romanticising cowboys by Adriano Noble

after therapy I go on walks by Chris Lloyd

Why flaunt it? by Jay Whittaker


Can’t wait for you to read these poems!

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