Antonyms for Burial, Ellora Sutton, Fourteen Poems, 2023, 15 x 21 cm, 36 pages, PB, ISBN: 9781838394363
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The Poetry Book Society’s Spring Pamphlet 2023 choice!

 A reader about to taste the zestful phrasing of antonyms for burial should prepare themselves: this is exhilarating writing.

John Mccullough

Antonyms for Burial is hallmarked by a thrilling flair for imagery which reveals and celebrates the truth of intuition. It is a refusal not to wring the last drop of wonder and sensuality from our experience of the world.

Ella Duffy 

As shown by Sutton, the most important asset in life is time and I couldn’t put this down, I read it three times through without being able to stop to catch my breath.

Hannah Hodgson

We’re so excited to publish Ellora Sutton’s antonyms for burial on October 17th, a thrilling collection of poems from one of the UK’s most exciting young poets. These poems zing off the page and we know you’ll love them too.

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