Ecoes #6, Sonic Acts Press, 2024, 16.5 x 23.5 cm, 250 pages, PB
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Published to accompany the 30th anniversary edition of the Sonic Acts Biennial, Ecoes #6 draws inspiration from the landmark book, The Spell of the Sensuous (1996), authored by the ecologist and philosopher David Abram. Under this spell, the magazine explores the web of relations – experienced and perceived through the ‘sensuous body’ – that evoke our rootedness in the larger ecology of earth beings. Incorporating theorists, artists, musicians, and performers who are featured as part of the Sonic Acts Biennial 2024, including a text by Abram himself, Ecoes #6 centres on the role of intuition and sensing. Fascinating interviews, evocative visual contributions, and prosaic essays envision the body as an open, fluid, and porous entity, with boundaries like membranes, forming a surface of metamorphosis and exchange. A portmanteau of ‘ecology’ and ‘echoes’, Ecoes is a bi-annual magazine about ‘art in the age of pollution’. Showcasing compelling artistic and critical perspectives that engage with the past, future, or afterlives of environmental harm, toxicity, extraction, and waste, the magazine unpacks alternatives to the anthropocentric perspective that approaches the nonhuman as a resource.
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