Chapter II: Critical Multiplicity, Current Obsession #8, 2023, 24 x 33 cm, 21 pages, PB
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Chapter II: Critical Multiplicity

‘How to ‘multiply’ an object by shifting perspectives?’
As signifiers, objects of jewellery and adornment point simultaneously in opposite directions, consistently ‘performing’ between the worlds of a wearer and the onlooker. Therefore, they find themselves in flux – multiplicity of interpretations, connections, assumptions, depending on a historic timeline, geographic location, or which eyes are gazing at them. What are the implications of that exchange? Focusing specifically on language, materiality and history of jewellery and adornment, could we ‘scrape off’ the inherent narratives that are so ingrained in the way we think about these objects? And further more, could we find alternative ways to create new work, liberated, or at least pushing away from the beaten path of seeing jewellery as ‘ornamentation’?


Dang-Vû Dang, EMIRHAKIN, Elizaveta Federmesser, Benedikt Fischer, Nina Glockner, Dae Uk Kim, Nikola Lamburov, Pravu Mazumdar, Lisa Plaut, isabel wang pontoppidan, Sanne Vaassen

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