Responses to Pale Blue Dot (1990) by Voyager 1, Pilot Press, 2022, 15 x 19 cm, 100 pages, PB, ISBN: 9781739702939
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Responses to Pale Blue Dot by Voyager 1 is the fifth anthology in a series from Pilot Press that seeks responses to works of art made during the AIDS crisis. In this fifth iteration, responses were sought to the 1990 photograph Pale Blue Dot by Voyager 1.

Themes range from grief to masturbation; alien abduction to David Wojnarwoicz; whale song to combination therapy, and late night cruising to the Oracles of Perception.


In order of appearance

John Wieners
Philip Hoare
Nate Lippens
Jon Rainford
Sig Olson
Nick Blackburn
Robert Hampson
Art Allen
Chris Jones
Benedict Welch
Paul Coombs
Todd Meyers
Matthew Kinlin
Zsuzsanna Ihar
Brenna O
Roelof Bakker
Donna Marcus
Tim Knights
Sam Buchan-Watts
Aodán McCardle
Donald Butler
Brooke Palmieri
Antony John
Obe Alkema
David Leal
Lucy Swan
Ella Duffy
Mary Manning
David Lawrie
Richard Porter
Troy Fielder
Anne Tallentire
Ruby Lawrence
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