Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday, Rubén Sánchez, Slanted, 2020, 15 x 24 cm, 192 pages, HB, ISBN: 9783948440107
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“These pages were never intended to be public so it’s kind of a personal exercise here. I like the idea of people seeing what’s in my brain somehow. I always have had the curiosity of seeing other artist’s notebooks and dig in their mentality in order to understand better their work. Now it’s time to share mine.” Slanted’s new Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday by Rubén Sánchez grew from his wish “to do something with all (his) sketchbooks.” His dream finally got reality, because his project was selected by the Slanted × Kickstarter Publishing & Mentoring Program. The goal was reached, so today, we are very happy that the book is released by Slanted Publishers.

Rubén Sánchez is a self-taught artist, born and raised in Madrid (1979), adopted by Barcelona and Dubai in the past years. He is coming from the subcultures of graffiti and skateboarding with graphic design and illustration as a background as a creative, but he has always been interested in applying his work onto different formats such as wood, resins, or ceramics.

With Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday the artist gives an insight into his very personal sketchbooks for the first time, diaries full of notes, experiences, drawings, printing experiments, quotations, tickets etc. Sketches of many works, which can be found in many countries around the globe in the context of art festivals, commissioned works, humanitarian projects or international exhibitions, but also as any kind of “uncommissioned” works.

“My work is made of messages to depict through strong interactions and chain reactions. A visual balance always surrounded by a Mediterranean vibe, in a journey with no destination.”

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