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Clay AD, Holy Bodies

Clay AD, Holy Bodies

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Holy Bodies is a collection of writing and drawings by the artist Clay AD which together work as a series of small proposals that exalt the freedoms of body, mind and spirit through care, sex, jokes, destruction and transformation. 

'Clay AD knows at an ancient and prescient level that, to quote from their book, 'shit is all life', but also that life is the shit, and the sunset, and the endgame. One for our immuno-suppressed comrades, shit theorists, pink salt throwers, and their lovers and friends, that is, I hope, everyone.' 

— Isabel Waidner, author of Sterling Karat Gold

'Clay AD’s poetry is for arseholes… & kneecaps, for belly buttons and sweaty crotches, for perforated ear drums and rubbish immune systems. This book is a vessel with feelings for vessels with feelings, transcribed into a trans crip language that I have been waiting for.'

— D Mortimer, author of Last Night a Beef Jerk Saved My Life
Clay AD is a somatic bodyworker, artist and writer living in Glasgow.

Cover artwork and original drawings by Clay AD

62 pages
15 x 19 cm
ISBN: 9781739702915

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