KFAX12: LOGOS OF THE EARLY UFOLOGY SCENE, Klasse Wrecks, 2023, 10 x 14 cm, 100 pages, PB
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The 12th episode in the KFAX series swoops in from London based designers Studio AKA. Throughout the later half of the 20th century organisations have sprung up to share information about UFO sightings and other worldly visitors, these small and fiercely independent groups communicated pre-internet via mailing lists and homemade zines. Self diagnosed experts bestowed wisdown upon loyal readers, enraptured with stories of flying saucers and big eyed little green men. Organisations such as Skywatch, Merseyside UFO Bulletin, UFO-VISION and Strange Universe set up shop to expose the cover ups and spread the word that we are indeed, not alone. KFAX12 compiles the logos of these organisations together in a first of its kind archive.

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