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Sturm and Drang

Thom Pfister, Swiss Graphic Design

Thom Pfister, Swiss Graphic Design

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His works are the product of honesty and a concentrated narrative force. At times direct and forceful, at others subtle and delicate. Always with a nuanced narrative that itself seeks a correspondingly multi-layered interpretation. Those who engage with the work and dive below its surface will likely find a meaningfulness that gets under the skin. This only works because Thom devotes himself to its design with such enthusiasm, curiosity and passion, examining the images’ contents with great care and attentiveness. Here, the imperfect is sought out, staged and becomes the stylistic device. Even though it may seem otherwise, it is rare that something is left to coincidence. Precisely this aesthetic of imperfection can be an irritant here and there. Thom layers and overlays visual elements designed using various techniques with masterly assuredness. This striking style and powerful imagery distinguish him both as a graphic designer as well as an artist.


496 pages
24 x 33 cm
ISBN: 9783906822419

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