Combo Magazine, Issue 003 - Maps to The Next World, Combo , ISBN 9772954723113
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A surrealist atlas, roaming through the mysterious & wonderfully bizarre. Bestial daydreams and grotesqueness, exploratory gazes into the unknown, to better visualize the scenes of this theater which is the world. There are no borders, only places where things meet...editor-in-chief: Louise Follainartistic director and graphic designer: Léa Bigotcontributors: Eloïse Labarbe Lafon, Dudi Hasson, Denis Boulze, Iekeliene Stange, Heather Kemesky, Miranda Kilbey, Langley Fox, Sulian Ros, Marie Jacotey, Alix Bortoli, Pauline Suzor, Celia Moutawahid, Clara Dayet, Cara Cano, Jan Melka, Gal Schinder , Polina Novikova, Florent Vindimian, Gillian Zinser, Marina Damjanovic, Charlotte Robin, Marie Gibert, Lobke Leijser and more...
Conceived as an archive of our collective dreams, COMBO was born in 2020 out of the wish to portray the rebirth of our points of view during these awing moments. 
By imagining alternative futures, COMBO wishes to share hopes and dreams of togetherness through visual arts, photography and poetry.Inviting us to explore inner and outer realities, this collective diary reveals throughout each page a constellation of analogies and boundless connections, mixing artworks together to create unexpected content.Ultimately, COMBO wishes to give us time to wonder, wander and encourage us to dream, create and re-enchant ourselves through a more up-to-date than ever holistic approach.

24 x 31 cm

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