Buffalo, Issue 9, 2019, 23 x 30 cm, 335 pages, PB
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At a time when referencing, borrowing and adapting are everywhere — but our obsession with authenticity and uniqueness has never been greater — what does it mean to be original today? For the ninth issue of Buffalo Zine, we’re delving into the murky world of imitation, from copies to clones, fakes to frauds, parodists to plagiarists. As Pablo Picasso once said: good artists copy, great artists steal. Except he didn’t actually come up with it. He copied it from T.S. Eliot.

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
Rocco Siffredi
Maurizio Cattelan
Nicholas Negroponte
Damon Albarn
Carsten Höller
Joan Juliet Buck
Bernhard Willhelm
M/M (Paris)
Whit Stillman
Paul Simonon
Julius Wiedemann
Babak Radboy
Richard Turley 

Contributing artists
Walter Pfeiffer
Florence Tétier & Nicolas Coulomb
Hugo Comte
Bloomers & Schumm
Maurits Sillem
Reto Schmid
Dr Oli Mould
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Claudia Mate
Alice Schillaci
Hendrik Schneider
Sabina Schreder
Ella Plevin
and many more
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