Agnes Martin - Now I Know, Daylight Responses to Untitled No 1 (1981), Pilot Press
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Now I Know, Daylight is the second in a new series of anthologies from London-based publisher Pilot Press seeking contemporary responses to works of art made during the AIDS crisis.

In this second iteration, responses were sought to the 1981 painting 'Untitled No 1' (gesso, acrylic and pencil on canvas) by Agnes Martin. 


In order of appearance

Sig Olson
Jean Chung
Natalie Stypa
Eduardo Viveiros
Katherine Franco
Kitti Klaudia Harmati
Kate Morgan
Declan Wiffen and Betsy Porritt
Ryan Skelton
Huw Lemmey
Kyle Griesmeyer
Alton Melvar M Dapanas
D Mortimer
Jack Bigglestone
Carlos Kong
Donna Marcus
Wilder Alison
Vanessa Walters

56 pages
15 x 19 cm

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